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We are an Independent Distributor for Nature's Sunshine Products: The finest herbal, nutritional, aromatherapy, and flower essence products you can find. Nature's Sunshine Products is North America's oldest and largest herb manufacturer and holds to the highest quality-control standards.

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Below is a listing of Nature's Sunshine products currently available.

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Product List
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W X Y Z
5-HTP Power 5-W 7-Keto A & D, Vitamin Acidophilus (L. Acidophilus) Activated Charcoal AdaptaMax Adrenal Support AIVIA Carb Blocker AIVIA Clean Energy AIVIA Exogenous Ketones AIVIA Hydrate AIVIA MCT Powder AIVIA Performance Probiotic AIVIA Plant Protein - Chocolate AIVIA Plant Protein - Vanilla Bean AIVIA Recover EXT (Deep Soothing Relief Cream) AIVIA Recover INT AIVIA Whey Protein - Chocolate AIVIA Whey Protein - Vanilla Bean Alfalfa Algin ALJ (Seasonal Allergy) (100 capsules) ALJ (Seasonal Allergy) (2 fl.oz.) All Cell Detox (Cellular Detox) Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera Juice (Whole Leaf) Aloe Vera, Freeze-Dried Alpha Lipoic Acid Anti-Gas (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Anti-Gas (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Anti-Gas Formula (with Lobelia) AnxiousLess AnxiousLess (Value Size) APS-II (with White Willow Bark) Artemisia Combination Ashwagandha Astragalus B-Complex Balanced, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin B12 Complete Liquid, Vitamin (Methyl B12) B6, Vitamin Bacillus Coagulans, NutriBiome Bayberry Be Courageous (Flower Essence) Be Response-Able (Flower Essence) Bee Pollen Bentonite, Hydrated Berberine Bergamot, Organic Essential Oil Bifidophilus Flora Force Bilberry Fruit Concentrate BioGuard Hand & Body Cream, Silver Shield BioGuard Purifying Hand Cleanser, Silver Shield Black Cohosh Black Walnut (100 capsules) Black Walnut ATC Concentrate (50 capsules) Black Walnut Extract (2 fl.oz.) Blessed Thistle Blood Pressurex Blood Stimulator (Chinese) (formerly Blood Build) 100 VegCaps Blood Stimulator (Chinese) TCM Conc. (formerly Blood Build TCM Conc.) (30 capsules) Blood Sugar Formula, Ayurvedic Bone/Skin Poultice Bowel Detox BP-X Brain-Protex with Huperzine Breast Assured (Estro-Assured) Breathe Activator (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Breathe Deep Essential Oil Blend Bronchial Formula, Ayurvedic Burdock Butcher's Broom C Ascorbates, Vitamin C Chewable, Vitamin C Citrus Bioflavonoids, Vitamin C Time-Release, Vitamin - 1000mg (120 tablets) C Time-Release, Vitamin - 1000mg (60 tablets) C-X CA, Herbal CA, Herbal ATC Concentrate (50 capsules) Calcium Plus Vitamin D Calcium-Magnesium, SynerPro Candida Clear Caprylic Acid Combination Capsicum Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley Capsicum Extract (2 fl.oz.) Cardio Assurance CardioxLDL Carrier Oil Cascara Sagrada (100 capsules) Cascara Sagrada (100 vegitabs) Cat's Claw Combination (Uña de Gato) Catnip Catnip & Fennel (2 fl.oz.) CBG Extract, Combination (2 fl.oz.) CC-A CC-A with Yerba Santa (2 fl.oz.) Cellular Detox (formerly All Cell Detox) Chamomile Chamomile, Roman Essential Oil Changes Women's Health Essential Oil Blend Charcoal (Activated) Chelated Iron Chickweed Children's Elderberry Immune - NEW Children's MultiVitamin & Mineral - NEW Children's Probiotic Power Children's Whole Foods Papayazyme Chinese Negative Pack TCM Chinese Positive Pack TCM Chlorophyll (60 capsules) Chlorophyll ES, Liquid (16 fl. oz.) Chlorophyll ES, Liquid (2 - 16 fl. oz.) Chlorophyll Stick Packs (Crisp Apple) - NEW Chlorophyll Stick Packs (Lime Twist) Chlorophyll Stick Packs (Spearmint) Chlorophyll Stick Packs (Sweet Melon) - NEW Chlorophyll, Liquid (16 fl.oz.) Chlorophyll, Liquid (32 fl.oz.) Cholester-Reg II Chondroitin Chromium-GTF Cinnamon Balance Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Circulatory System Pack Citrus Bioflavonoids, Vitamin C Clary Sage, Organic Essential Oil CleanStart Apple/Cinnamon CleanStart Mild CleanStart Wild Berry Clove Bud, Organic Essential Oil CLT-X Collagen Collagen, Marine - NEW Collatrim (180 capsules) Colostrum Colostrum with Immune Factors Combination CBG Extract (2 fl.oz.) Combination Potassium CoQ10 (100mg) Coral Calcium (75 grams) Coral Calcium (90 capsules) Cordyceps Core Balancing Essential Oil Blend Cornsilk Cortisol Formula, Nature's Cramp Relief Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate CurcuminBP (Turmeric Curcumin) Cypress Essential Oil D3, Vitamin D3, Vitamin (Value Size) Damiana Dandelion Defense Maintenance Detox Basics Devil's Claw DHA DHEA-F (Women's) DHEA-M (Men's) Dieter's Cleanse Digestive Bitters Tonic Digestive System Pack Distress Remedy (Flower Essence) Dong Quai Dulse Liquid E Complete w/Selenium, Vitamin (200 capsules) E Complete w/Selenium, Vitamin (60 capsules) E, Vitamin - 100 IU (180 capsules) E-Tea Echinacea Purpurea Echinacea, Ultimate (2 fl.oz.) Echinacea/Goldenseal (100 capsules) Echinacea/Goldenseal (2 fl.oz.) Elderberry D3fense Elderberry Immune, Children's - NEW Eleuthero Eleven Elevated, NutriBiome Energ-V Enviro-Detox Equolibrium Essential Shield Essential Oil Blend Essential Shield Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner Estro-Assured (formerly Breast Assured) Eucalyptus, Organic Essential Oil Evening Primrose Oil EverFlex (with Hyaluronic Acid) Everybody's Fiber Fat Grabbers FCS II (with Lobelia) Female Comfort Fenugreek & Thyme Feverfew Concentrate Fibralgia Flash-Ease Time-Release Flax Seed Oil w/Lignans (60 capsules) Focus Attention (90 capsules) Food Enzymes Four Frankincense, Organic Essential Oil Free Amino Acids GABA Plus Gall Bladder Formula Garcinia Combination Garlic (100 capsules) Garlic High Potency, SynerPro (60 tablets) Garlic Oil (60 capsules) Gastro Health Concentrate GC-X Gentle Move Geranium, Organic Essential Oil Ginger Ginkgo & Hawthorn Combination Ginkgo Biloba Extract Time-Release Ginseng, Korean Glandular System Pack Glucosamine Golden Salve Goldenseal Goldenseal/Parthenium Extract (2 fl.oz.) Gotu Kola Grapefruit, Pink Organic Essential Oil Grapine with Protectors, SynerPro Grapine, High Potency Green Tea Extract GreenZone, Ultimate (180 capsules) GreenZone, Ultimate (369 grams) GTF Chromium Guggul Lipid (Concentrate) Hand & Body Lotion, Unscented Hawthorn Berries (100 capsules) Hawthorn Berries Extract (2 fl.oz.) Heavy Metal Detox Helichrysum, Organic Essential Oil Hepatic System Pack Herbal CA Herbal CA, ATC Concentrate (50 capsules) Herbal Pumpkin Herbal Sleep Herbal Trace Minerals Hi-Lipase HistaBlock Hops Horsetail HS II HSN Complex HSN-W HY-C (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) HY-C (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Hydrangea Hydrated Bentonite I-X IF Relief IF-C (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) IF-C (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Immune Stimulator, Nature's Immune System Pack IN-X Indole-3-Carbinol Inspire Uplifting Essential Oil Blend Intestinal Soothe & Build Ionic Minerals Iron, Chelated Jasmine Essential Oil Joint Health, Ayurvedic Joint Support JP-X Juniper Berries Kava Kava Concentrate KB-C (Chinese) (100 capsules) KB-C (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Keep Cool (Flower Essence) Kelp Kidney Activator (100 capsules) Kidney Activator (ATC Concentrate) (50 capsules) Kidney Activator (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Kidney Activator (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Kidney Drainage Krill Oil l-Carnitine l-Glutamine l-Lysine L. Acidophilus Lactase Plus Lavender, Organic Essential Oil LB Extract (2 fl.oz.) LB-X LBS II (Lower Bowel Stimulator) (100 capsules) LBS II (Lower Bowel Stimulator) (100 vegitabs) Lecithin (180 softgel capsules) Lemon Essential Oil Lemongrass Essential Oil Licorice Root (100 capsules) Licorice Root Extract (2 fl.oz.) Lime Essential Oil Liquid Chlorophyll (16 fl. oz.) Liquid Chlorophyll (32 fl. oz.) Liquid Chlorophyll ES (16 fl. oz.) Liquid Chlorophyll ES (2 - 16 fl. oz.) Liquid Cleanse Liquid Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete LIV-J Liver Balance (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Liver Balance (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Liver Cleanse Formula Lobelia Lobelia Essence (2 fl.oz.) LOCLO High Fiber Supplement Love and Peas Vegetable Protein Supplement Love and Peas Vegetable Protein Supplement (Sugar Free) Lower Bowel Stimulator (formerly LBS II) (100 capsules) Lower Bowel Stimulator (formerly LBS II) (100 vegitabs) Lung Support (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Lung Support (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Lutein Lymphatic Drainage Lymphomax Maca Magnesium (180 tablets) Magnesium Complex (100 capsules) Mandarin, Red Essential Oil Marine Collagen - NEW Marjoram, Sweet Organic Essential Oil Marshmallow Marshmallow & Fenugreek Massage Oil Master Gland Mega-Chel Melatonin Extra Men's Formula w/Lycopene Menstrual-Reg MetaboMax Free MetaboMax Plus Methyl Combo Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete Liquid Milk Thistle Combination (90 tablets) Milk Thistle Time-Release (60 tablets) Mind-Max Mineral-Chi Tonic (Chinese) Mini USB Travel Essential Oil Diffuser Mood Elevator (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Mood Elevator (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) MSM Mullein Multiple Vitamins & Minerals Time-Release (60 tablets) Multiple Vitamins & Minerals, SynerPro (60 tablets) MultiVitamin & Mineral, Children's - NEW MY-Immune Defense Myrrh, Wild Essential Oil N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Nattozimes Plus Natural Changes Nature's Chi TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Nature's Cortisol Formula Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray Nature's Harvest Nature's Noni (16 fl. oz.) Nature's Noni (2 - 32 fl. oz.) Nature's Prenatal Nature's Sea Calcium Nature's Three Nerve Control Nerve Eight Nervous Fatigue Formula (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Nervous Fatigue Formula (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Nervous System Pack Niacin Nopal Nutri-Calm (100 tablets) Nutri-Calm (60 tablets) NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans NutriBiome Eleven Elevated Olive Leaf Extract Concentrate Open Heart (Flower Essence) Orange, Organic Essential Oil Oregano, Wild Essential Oil Oregon Grape (2 fl.oz.) P-X Pantothenic Acid Papaya Mint Tablets, Chewable Papayazyme, Children's Whole Foods Para-Cleanse Paradise Relaxing Essential Oil Blend Parsley Passion Flower Patchouli Essential Oil Pau D'Arco (100 capsules) Pau D'Arco Bulk/Taheebo Tea Pau D'Arco Extract (2 fl.oz.) Pau D'Arco Lotion Paw Paw PDA (Protein Digestive Aid) Peppermint Essential Oil Peppermint Oil (5 ml) Perfect Eyes pH Test Strips Phyto-Soy Pine Needle Essential Oil Pink Grapefruit, Organic Essential Oil PLS II Potassium, Combination Power Beets (7 To-Go Packs) - NEW Power Beets (Pouch) Power Beets (To-Go Packs) Power Greens (7 To-Go Packs) - NEW Power Greens (Pouch) Power Greens (To-Go Packs) Power Meal - Chocolate - NEW Power Meal - Vanilla - NEW Pro-Pancreas Proactazyme Probiotic Eleven Probiotic Power, Children's Protease Plus Protease, High Potency PS II Psyllium Hulls Psyllium Hulls Combination Psyllium Seeds Purity Refreshing Essential Oil Blend Red Beet Root Formula Red Mandarin Essential Oil Red Raspberry Red Yeast Rice Refuge Calming Essential Oil Blend Release It (Flower Essence) Respiratory System Pack Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Rose Essential Oil Rose Hips Rosemary, Wild Essential Oil Safflowers Sage SAM-e Sandalwood Essential Oil Saw Palmetto (100 capsules) Saw Palmetto Concentrate (60 softgels) SC Formula (Shark Cartilage) Seasonal Allergy (formerly ALJ) (100 capsules) Seasonal Allergy (formerly ALJ) (2 fl.oz.) Seasonal Defense Senna Combination SF Silver Shield - 20ppm (16 fl. oz.) Silver Shield - 20ppm (32 fl. oz.) Silver Shield - 20ppm (4 fl. oz.) Silver Shield - 20ppm (6 fl. oz.) Silver Shield BioGuard Hand & Body Cream (3.4 oz.) Silver Shield BioGuard Purifying Hand Cleanser (2 fl. oz.) Silver Shield Gel - 20ppm (3 oz. tube) Silver Shield Rescue Gel - 24ppm (3 oz. tube) Sinus Support Skeletal Strength Skin Detox, Ayurvedic Slippery Elm (100 capsules) Slippery Elm (7 oz.) Small Intestine Detox SnorEase Solstic Cardio Solstic Energy Solstic Immune Solstic Revive Solstic Stixated Solstic Twenty-Four Spirulina Spleen Activator (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) Spleen Activator (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) St. John's Wort Concentrate (100 capsules) St. John's Wort Concentrate Time-Release (60 tablets) Stixated, Solstic Stomach Comfort Stress Relief (Chinese) (100 capsules) Stress Relief (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) Stress-J (100 capsules) Stress-J (2 fl. oz.) Structural System Pack SugarReg Suma Combination Super Algae Super Antioxidant Super GLA Super Omega-3 EPA Super Omega-3 EPA (Value Size) Super ORAC Super Supplemental Super Supplemental without Iron Super Trio Sweet Marjoram, Organic Essential Oil Target TS-II Tea Tree Essential Oil Tei-Fu Essential Oil (pocket-size) Tei-Fu Recovery Massage Lotion Tei-Fu Soothing Essential Oil Blend Thai-Go (2 - 25 fl. oz.) THIM-J Thyme, Wild Essential Oil Thyroid Activator Thyroid Support Tiao He Cleanse (Chinese) Trigger Immune (Chinese) (100 capsules) Trigger Immune (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) TS II (with Hops) Turmeric Curcumin (formerly Curcumin BP) Ultimate Echinacea Ultimate GreenZone (180 capsules) Ultimate GreenZone (369 grams) Ultra Therm Ultra Therm CF (Caffeine-Free) Ultrabiome DTX Ultrabiome DTX (2-pack) Ultrasonic Authentic Essential Oil Diffuser Uña de Gato (Cat's Claw) Urinary Maintenance Urinary System Pack Uva Ursi Valerian Root (100 capsules) Valerian Root Extract Time-Release (60 tablets) Vari-Gone Vitamin A & D Vitamin B-Complex Vitamin B-Complex, Balanced Vitamin B12 Complete Liquid (Methyl B12) Vitamin B6 Vitamin C, Ascorbates Vitamin C, Chewable Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids Vitamin C, Time-Release 1000mg (120 tablets) Vitamin C, Time-Release 1000mg (60 tablets) Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 (Value Size) Vitamin E, 100 IU (180 capsules) Vitamin E, Complete w/Selenium (200 capsules) Vitamin E, Complete w/Selenium (60 capsules) VitaWave (Liquid Vitamins/Minerals) VS-C (Chinese) (100 VegCaps) VS-C (Chinese) (2 fl. oz.) VS-C (Chinese) TCM Concentrate (30 capsules) White Oak Bark Whole Foods Papayazyme, Children's Wild Yam Wild Yam & Chaste Tree Wintergreen, Wild Essential Oil X-A X-Action (Women's) X-Action Reloaded (Men's) XyliBrite Toothpaste Xylitol Bulk (1 lb. bag) Yarrow Yeast Fungal Detox Yellow Dock Ylang Ylang, Organic Essential Oil Zinc (150 tablets) Zinc Lozenge